The Grove Nursery

Welcome to our Nursery Unit at the Grove Primary School. Here in our Nursery, our focus is very much on learning through play. Our topic based activities ensure that we cover all 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (as listed on Reception’s webpage) as well as taking into account and planning for the children’s interests.

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There is a strong emphasis on the social and emotional aspect of development with children supported in knowing what makes a good friend

The Curriculum

This stage of the Foundation Stage does exactly what it says; it helps to lay the foundations of social, physical and communicative skills that the children will rely on to see them through their academic journey.  We offer a broad and varied curriculum where children are encouraged to accept their differences and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Summer Term 1

Our topic this half term is New Life (please follow the link to take you to our medium term planning). After what seems to have been a very long winter, we are finally startin to enjoy the milder weather. The children have already started to talk about and plan our new indoor role play area – a baby clinic, with our outdoor role play area being a garden centre. Our topic coincides well with our plans to further develop the outdoor area. Just before Easter the children were thrilled (as were we) to have the playground marked with a road track system, numbers and letters and an altogether brighter addition to our outdoor area.

051photo of work being done on the new playground markingsohoto of new playground markings066
We are now planning to develop the garden area to include a sensory and outdoor seating areas, so we’ll keep you updated with our progress!

Spring term 1   – Our topic this half term is ‘Exploring Colours and Patterns’ (please follow the link to take you to our medium term planning). With regret, the children have said goodbye to our ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ role play area from our last topic, and are eagerly awaiting the grand opening of our’ Art Studio and Gallery’. This topic will see the children experiment with colour mixing (consolidating and extending their ideas and experiences from Autumn 1) and also observe patterns around them – both natural and man-made. Once again, this topic will be covered in all 7 areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

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We are able to make good use of the ample school grounds in order to enhance the children’s learning and understanding of our nursery topics

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Things we have done!

Easter Egg Hunt
After making and decorating their own Easter Egg Baskets, the children were given the task of finding some eggs to fill their baskets. Needless to say, they managed very well.

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Autumn term  –  Our topic was ‘Families’ with our main text being ‘Peace at Last’ – but looking at many other books besides. We have been discussing and learning about many aspects of families through painting, role play and inviting them intchildren playing in the nurseryo nursery for our regular Stay and Play sessions. We understand the importance of a strong home/school link and are always looking for opportunities to strengthen these ties.

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Winter Snow Days

Great fun was had by all as our school field was taken full advantage of during our snowy winter days. The snow drifts caused great excitement as children were knee deep in the snow; even the staff struggled!

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Visits, both local and further afield are invaluable in bringing topics to life and capturing the children’s imagination. We are hoping to build strong links with the local community (library, post-office, church, community centre), by taking by taking advantage of all there is to offer.

During our recent library visit, the children listened to some stories, had a little sing-song and were able to look through some of the many books!

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We plan on visiting the library on a regular basis to borrow books relating to our topics and also to spark the children’s interest and enjoyment of books from an early age.

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Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter details what the children have been learning over the week as well as any items relating specifically to Nursery. Please have a browse to see what we have been up to.

To view our weekly Nursery Newsletter, click here

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